. EDUCATING the youth of today

   . EMPOWERING them with a voice for tomorrow

       . CHANGING the silence forever

Welcome to Eileen's Foundation

The first and foremost goal of our non-profit organization is to make a stand today so we can see a difference tomorrow. We believe this can be accomplished through EDUCATING the youth of today about domestic violence; EMPOWERING them with a voice to speak out against it tomorrow; therefore, CHANGING the silence forever.


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Eileen Elizabeth Garnreiter was born on April 7, 1988 in Torrance, California. From the moment she was born she had a smile that would light up a room and a personality that went along with it.


When Eileen was 8, she moved toWest Virginia. There she became a standout softball player. She took her high school team to State Finals two years in a row with the winning hit. Eileen loved to play the game of softball more than anything. She moved back to California after graduating high school and continued playing softball for El Camino College. In 2010, after achieving a GPA of 4.0+, she was accepted as a transfer student to UCLA and had hoped to fulfill her lifelong dream of playing softball for the Bruins.

Eileen became involved in a domestically violent relationship.


After the birth of her daughter, things began to escalate. Once Eileen became a mother she realized that she would do anything to protect her daughter. The baby’s father was already abusing the baby by putting her tiny feet in cold water to keep her awake during the day so that he could sleep at night.

Eileen was violently and tragically taken from us on January 8, 2011, the night she decided to leave, by the hands of her abuser.  

Eileen’s vibrant personality and gorgeous smile will live in the hearts of every person who was blessed for having met her. Through this foundation we hope the story of her death can act as a cautionary tale and will have a lasting impact on everyone who hears it. Eileen’s Foundation is dedicated to reducing the number of domestic violent statistics, which are astronomical at this point in time, and we believe that with the help of this story and the stories of others we can make a change.  

We believe that by molding the mind of the next generation, like Eileen’s daughter, we can break the cycle of domestic violence. Even though her daughter is out of a violent home, and the cycle of domestic violence was broken, there are no guarantees that she wont find herself in a domestically abusive situation as her mother did.. That’s why we at Eileen’s Foundation are dedicated to EDUCATING the youth of today; EMPOWERING them with a voice for tomorrow; and therefore, CHANGING the silence forever.


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